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Child Hearing Treatment

Growing up is quite the adventure, but with a hearing problem, it’s an adventure that’s hard to navigate no matter how courageous the spirit. Even though it’s essential to social,…

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Hearing Protection

Shield Your Healthy Hearing From Harmful Noise Levels Exposure to excessive noise levels (greater than 85 decibels) during work or other activities can significantly increase your risk of hearing loss, or…

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Tinnitus Treatment

That Ringing In My Ear — That Hissing, Whistling, Pulsating Tone … It’s called tinnitus, and for some, it’s a debilitating experience. What Is Tinnitus? Though the common misconception about…

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Hearing Tests

Hearing impairment affects more than just your ability to hear — it affects your quality of life. We stresses the importance of an accurate and timely hearing test. The hearing evaluation…

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